The latest issue of Time magazine offers some advice on how to keep your job.

“You can work from home,” the magazine says.

“If you have to do the commute, there are alternatives.

The Internet makes the commute less stressful, but it also creates new jobs for people who can’t afford to commute.”

In other words, the magazine urges people to consider how they spend time online.

You can still earn money for the hours you spend on social media and you can still make money by doing things that aren’t work.

“Even if you’re doing something you love and you think it’s a good idea, there’s always a chance you’ll get discouraged, which could cost you your job,” Time CEO Jeff Immelt told the magazine’s Web site.

You’re not stuck in traffic, the time magazine suggests, even if you don’t get enough hours.

You’ll still be earning money.

You have to “do the job.”

“What you need to do is to make your job something you’re passionate about,” the article says.

It’s a common refrain among tech workers who have struggled with the job market and who worry about the effect of stagnant wages on their finances.

If you’re an avid online reader, the company says, it’s possible you can earn up to $100,000 a year if you use a service like Time or LinkedIn to manage your social media.

The magazine says the average hourly wage for tech workers in 2016 was $20.60, while the median hourly wage in the U.S. was $27.50.

But the magazine acknowledges that there’s a difference between an average worker who spends 30 hours a week on social or networking sites and one who spends only four hours a day on those activities.

“Some jobs require you to do more than others,” the guide says.

You’ve got to get a lot of work done.

“Work for a living,” it says.

The time magazine also says that there are some jobs you should avoid at the same time you’re trying to get an edge in the job hunt.

“One of the main reasons that employers are hesitant to hire people who are new to the industry is that it can be difficult to find work that is not based on a competitive market,” the publisher says.

But that’s not always the case.

For example, a recent survey found that nearly 80 percent of people surveyed in the industry say they’d hire a person with a different skill set.

It suggests that a great job can be a good thing for many people, especially if they have the right skills and a strong work ethic.

But you’re going to need to spend a lot more time on your job than you thought you were going to.

“When people think about their job and what they need to be doing, they often make the mistake of focusing on what they can’t do,” the Time magazine article says, “instead of what they want to be able to do.”

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