The US military plans to sell more than 700,000 M16 rifles, the US Air Force announced on Thursday.

The announcement comes just days after the Pentagon announced it was buying the largest batch of M4 carbines and M16A1 rifles in its history, with the purchase set to be made possible by the end of the year.

The M16 rifle is used by US troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other conflicts, and is widely regarded as the weapon of choice by the US military.

It is currently used by the armed forces in a variety of roles, including as a sniper rifle, assault rifle, and as a weapon of war.

The US military hopes to sell the surplus M16s to private sellers.

It currently sells the M16 Carbine, which has a barrel length of about 12 inches, at an average price of about $1,600.

The M16 A1 rifle is the most popular rifle in the US.

The AR15, which is the primary weapon of the US Army, is the best-selling rifle.

The sale of surplus M4 rifles, known as surplus-assault rifles, has become a source of controversy in recent years due to their high price tags.

The sale of these rifles is illegal in the United States, though some states allow them.US military officials said they will be purchasing the surplus rifles from an undisclosed source.

“As a result, this is an important step toward helping the Armed Forces meet its goals of supporting the country and providing a safe, effective, affordable, and sustainable military solution for the future,” the US service statement said.

The Air Force is also planning to buy more than 50,000 surplus M1A1 assault rifles.

The Air Force said it expects to have the surplus weapons available for sale by the middle of the next year.US officials have previously said the surplus-firearms program will help the military deal with a rapidly aging military.

In April, the Pentagon also announced plans to buy at least 100,000 assault rifles and M1 carbines for the US armed forces.

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