Jet magazine was on a countdown to go black after a few weeks of publication.

But the magazine had no ads, no paywall and no ads on the cover.

So in order to get its full-color edition out in time for the New Year, the magazine decided to print ads on its cover.

The magazine’s publisher, David E. Kelley, says he didn’t realize that his magazine was advertising for sex.

Jet magazine editor-in-chief, Michael M. Oleske, says that while he did know what was happening, he didn.

“We had a discussion about what we were doing,” Oleskes says.

“I had to make sure that there was no advertising for anything.”

But Kelley said he wasn’t sure what was being advertised.

He said he thought the magazine was a gay publication and that if it was advertising, it was going to be on gay issues.

But, Oleskees says, it wasn’t.

“They are advertising for a gay magazine,” Kelley says.

In an email to the magazine’s editor-at-large, David L. Johnson, Kelley says he was aware that Jet magazine had been advertising for porn and says, “We were aware of this issue and that we were not the publisher of that publication.

We were, however, not the only publisher of those issues.

Jet had other publications that also had ads.

We knew of the issues that were in circulation and we were aware that we had other publishers of those publications, but we were unaware of the advertising that Jet had for porn.”

But when Kelley asked the magazine if they had any idea what Jet magazine would be advertising for, the response was no.

Kelley says that Jet has been advertising all the time, even after he took it off the countdown, but the magazine hasn’t seen the ads.

“It was kind of confusing because we were thinking that we would be able to get it out,” he says.

He says the magazine will be advertising on the new issue.

“There will be some ads on it that are a little more explicit, a little less explicit,” he tells NBC News.

“But it will not be a full-on advertisement, like the 300 issue.”

So while Jet is a gay-oriented publication, it still doesn’t have a full catalog of pornographic material.

The issue that Jet is advertising on is an old issue of the magazine, and Jet’s advertising director, Kevin Oleskee, says the issue wasn’t really about the magazine.

“In the past we had ads on issues,” he said.

“So we just thought, let’s put it back on and see what happens.”

But Jet says it’s not an issue that it plans to stop advertising on.

“That’s just something that we have done for a long time,” Oelskes says, adding that it’s up to the advertiser.

He adds that it was not the advertisers’ intention to advertise for porn, but that the ads are not meant to be offensive.

Jet has had issues before with other publishers, including the pornographic magazine Penthouse, which ran a full advertising campaign for a year on its covers.

But Penthouse was eventually pulled from circulation and the magazine is now back up.

And Jet is also currently in the process of changing its advertising strategy.

The publisher said it will be putting a lot more emphasis on advertising on its front page.

But Oleskell says Jet will continue to put ads on other issues as well, including The Lifestyle.

“All the issues are available to buy at Jet, so we will continue advertising on them,” Olskes says of the new magazines.

The article has been updated to clarify the issue about the ads on Jet’s front page, which is an issue of its new mag, the Jetmagazine.

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