“Mum has been on a downward spiral and Dad has been living with an addiction problem, but both are now struggling with depression and are struggling to get their lives back on track.”

Read moreThe magazine features an essay about the relationship between the parents of an 18-month-old boy who is struggling with eating disorders and is not receiving any support.

In the article, the magazine writes:The article goes on to explain that the parents were “unable to keep up with the demands” of their new baby.

The family had recently bought a home in Dublin and the family had been living together for two years, the article states.

The article continues:The family is currently in crisis and the article says:”The parents have tried everything to get back on their feet, but there are no options left for them.”

“There are a number of options open to them and it is hard to know what to do.”

“Dad is not getting any support at all, which is worrying for him.”

The family has struggled to find money for food, accommodation and medication.

“He has no idea where to turn to for help,” the article continues.

The parents say they have received support from their local authority and are considering getting a divorce.

“Dad has a new job but he has no money and the child is struggling to pay the rent,” the mother said.

The mother said they were living in “extreme poverty” and that she was unable to get her daughter medical treatment.

“I am really struggling, I am living in extreme poverty.

I cannot get the medication,” the woman said.”

It’s a terrible situation for the family.

We are just living in total isolation.”

The magazine also states that the mother was diagnosed with a condition called coeliac disease, which can cause a “chronic digestive distress”.

“The mother is unable to digest food properly because of the condition, so she has to eat it out of her own body,” it states.

“She is also suffering from depression.”

The mother added that she has had to seek help from her GP and was told by the GP that “the only treatment option available is to take her to a doctor”.

The article ends by saying:”We need help.

We can’t afford to go through this again.”

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