RTE has revealed what to expect in the World Cups final.

The magazine has revealed which countries are expected to take the final stages on Sunday, September 14. 

Here is what you need to know:Who will take the podium: Argentina Argentina (9-2) will host Brazil.

France (5-6) will take on Argentina.

Italy (5.5-8) will face Germany. 

What will happen on Sunday: France will host Argentina and France will play Germany.

Italy will host Australia. 

Germany will host Italy. 

England will host England. 

France will host Spain. 

Italy will host the Netherlands. 

Spain will host Russia. 

The Netherlands will host Germany.

What will be the match’s ending: Argentina will take a 3-0 lead. 

It will then be France who take the second leg 3-1. 

Will there be a shootout?: France and Argentina will meet again in a shootout.

Argentina will win 2-0. 

How many players will play in the final: Argentina has 23 players. 

For France, France has 19. 

On Sunday, they have 22 players.

Who will win the World Series? 

England have won two World Series titles, but this will be their first in the competition since 2008. 

They have won the Champions League and the European Cup in the same year. 

Who will be World Cup finalist? 


Athletes with the highest total number of medals earned in a single tournament are Australia (11), England (nine), France (nine) and Spain (nine). 

Which will win it? 

Spain, France, Argentina. 

Can Argentina win? 

Yes, Argentina will play Brazil and Italy will play England.

Argentina and Brazil have the most medals, but the rest of the tournament will be decided by who will win bronze. 

Is it possible for Argentina to win?


But if they win in the semifinal, they will be a major surprise. 

When will the finals be? 

Sunday, September 13.

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