The world’s top athletes have been given a chance to take a break from the competition to shop for the perfect shoes and apparel, and they are doing so in style.

Nike and Adidas have partnered up to create the Nike+ Allrecipes Magazine, which will feature athletes from across the globe wearing the sneakers they will be wearing in the next Olympics.

From Nike and Nike+ users, readers will be able to choose a pair of shoes and select the Nike or Nike+ logo on their own feet, and have them shipped to them.

These shoes will then be sent to Nike+’s stores across the world, and the Nike Plus program will also feature exclusive Nike+ shoe and apparel options.

The Allrecips Magazine is a partnership between Nike and, a Nike+ social media marketing and brand management company, with the goal of bringing athletes the very best Nike and Air Jordan gear they can possibly get their hands on, and sharing the experience with readers in the process.

Nike+ launched in 2012 with an exclusive series of sneaker and apparel deals that showcased athletes in their Nike+ gear.

Each installment featured a new Nike+ exclusive shoe, while also introducing a new Adidas+ brand to the platform.

The magazine, which is available exclusively on Apple’s App Store, will debut at the beginning of this year.

For now, Allrecaps subscribers can purchase the magazine on the app for $9.99 a month.

As of Monday, August 10, All is selling all the shoes for $14.99.

It is unclear what the next installment of the Allrecopes Magazine will feature.

For all of us, the next Olympic Games are just around the corner.

Nike has been in the spotlight in recent months after a number of scandals involving athletes, including a lawsuit by a U.S. Cross Country athlete over alleged doping, a lawsuit against Nike for allegedly paying athletes to take banned substances, and an investigation into a U-turn Nike+ policy.

In this week’s ESPNCricinfo, we look at how athletes can take advantage of these Olympics and what it’s like to shop on Nike+ in preparation for Rio.Read more

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