In the digital age, magazines have a role to play.

They offer free access to information that could otherwise be expensive or out of reach.

But they can also help women find a way to get the information they need.

The free magazines on offer to the average woman are many of the most popular online publications available to men, such as magazines for beauty and health, and magazines for fashion and home decor.

They also cover a wide range of subjects and include a range of titles, from beauty and lifestyle to fitness and personal finance.

A spokeswoman for the Irish Press Council (IPSC), the media watchdog, said the organisations’ guidelines were designed to make sure the content was suitable for women and was tailored to the needs of women.

The new guidelines say that the content should: “be designed and intended to enable women to access and benefit from information they otherwise would not be able to access, such a content can be read by women of any age, background, or gender”.

A spokeswoman said it was not a blanket policy and that free magazines would need to provide information to women who are interested in accessing the content.

The spokeswoman said the guidelines were not designed to stop the distribution of free magazines, but to help people who might not be aware of what they are or what they can be doing with them. 

She said they were not about preventing free magazines from being distributed, but were about giving them an opportunity to be seen by women.

“It is essential that women are provided with information about the kinds of content they can expect to find on free magazines.

The aim is not to discourage women from purchasing content,” she said.

In an interview with the Irish Times, Ms McDonagh said the guidance was designed to be flexible.

She said there were already examples of free content available for women online, such with The Atlantic magazine.

The Atlantic magazine is a collection of articles about culture, design, design trends, food and fashion, health, life and fashion. 

It was created in 2005 and has attracted more than 40 million monthly readers.

Ms McDoherty said the new guidelines were also aimed at encouraging women to consider purchasing magazines, not just to read them, but also to use them.

“We need to be very conscious that we are promoting content that is designed to give women an opportunity and that is accessible to them,” she told the Irish Telegraph.

She said women should not be excluded from the free magazines’ range.

“Free magazines should be designed for women to benefit from and that means they should not discriminate on the basis of gender.

The issue is that the guidelines are not designed with women in mind,” she added. 

 A spokeswoman from the Irish Women’s Lobby said it welcomed the move to give more information to young women, but the new guidance did not go far enough.

“What’s important is that young women have access to these magazines and that they are accessible to young people, not for them to have to be forced to read and sign over their rights,” she explained. 

“The fact that they [the free magazines] are free means that women can get them for free, which means they’re not going to cost a penny.”

The advice to young girls should be very simple: if you want to go to the free magazine, go to a free magazine. 

Read more from the Irish Times here.

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