When it comes to sex, women are just as good as men as it comes down to it

More than half of men in the UK have experienced unwanted sex, according to a new study.

The survey, carried out by YouGov, found more than a quarter of men said they had had unwanted sex and more than half had experienced “very” or “some” unwanted sex.

However, a quarter said they did not feel they had experienced unwanted sexual activity, and only a quarter had experienced any unwanted sexual contact.

And when it came to women, less than a third said they were as good at controlling unwanted sexual behaviour as men.

The YouGov study found that about a quarter (23%) of men and 23% of women said they experienced unwanted physical or verbal sexual contact, while only 13% of men reported having had unwanted sexual sex.

But a further 23% had experienced verbal or physical contact with a woman, compared to only 12% of the men.

While almost half of women (47%) said they could “control” unwanted sexual behavior, more than two thirds of men (67%) said this was “not possible”.

This was true for both genders, although the men were more likely to say that it was possible to “control unwanted sexual acts”, compared to the women.

Overall, less men (25%) than women (27%) said their own sexual activity was not “very bad”, while men were most likely to state that their partner did not always “get” what they wanted.

The research, conducted by YouCam, found that the most common reason men and women cited for not controlling unwanted sex was “they are not good at it”, while women said it was “too hard”.

More women than men also stated they would like to have sex, compared with just under half of both men and men.

This was mainly due to men’s perception that “it is a lot easier to control unwanted sexual behaviors” when their partner is not around.

However there were also reasons for women to feel more control over unwanted sex: “They are better at it than me” was the most cited reason.

The report also found that there was more positive than negative feedback when it was the woman who was the “problem” or that she was not good enough at controlling a sexual relationship.

More than half (55%) of women reported positive feedback, and men were less likely to report negative feedback.

It was not clear what factors had led women to have more positive feedback than men, and a large majority of men were happy with the relationship they were in.

The poll found that nearly three quarters (76%) of people said they would not have sex if they did have to, compared in comparison with fewer than half the people who did not have to.

The majority of women also said that they were less comfortable with their body shape than men were.

A third of women aged 18 to 24 said they felt that their body was “fatter than average” while almost half (47% of 18-24 year olds) of those aged 25-34 felt the same.

More men (34%) than those aged 65 and over (23%), were more satisfied with their looks, while women were less satisfied with how they looked compared to men.

There was a more positive outlook for women than for men overall.

More women (36%) than men (26%) said that a woman could not control her own sexual desires.

The figures were even more different for those aged 50-64.

Women were more positive about controlling their own desires, with just over half of 50-59 year olds saying they were “very satisfied” with their sexual desire, compared a third of men aged 60-69.

Men were less positive with their sexuality, with only 28% of those under 65 saying they “really wanted” sex.

Men aged 65-74 also reported higher levels of satisfaction with their sex lives than those over the age of 75.

But the study also found a difference in sexual satisfaction for people who said they enjoyed sexual activities and those who did the opposite.

More people who were sexually satisfied reported having sex with men, while fewer people said that sex with women was enjoyable.

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