The Advocate’s John Weisbrod joins SiriusXM NFL Radio show

John Weiserbrod joined SiriusXM Football Radio’s NFL Sunday morning show.

The former NFL linebacker was one of three hosts to discuss the news that the NFL would suspend Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner.

The host also talked about his new book, The Advocate: The Untold Story of the NFL, and how the team is trying to make sure the players are respected.

Weiserbrods thoughts on Warner were interesting as he talked about how the veteran quarterback came to be a target of the league, a topic that we will revisit in our interview with him.

“He didn’t have a chance,” WeiserBrods said of Warner.

“There’s no doubt that he’s a very special man and he’s played a lot of football.

But he didn’t deserve that.

He’s a great guy, but he wasn’t given that opportunity.

There’s no question that he was given the opportunity.

So he deserves a fair chance.

I don’t want to paint this picture as if he’s going to be the greatest player in the history of the game.”

As we mentioned in the previous article, Warner’s status is under scrutiny after a report surfaced in the press last week that Warner had tested positive for a performance enhancing drug and the NFL decided to suspend him for the first half of the season.

The Patriots quarterback has a $9 million cap hit this season, so the suspension is a significant blow to the team.

Weiser said that it would be “disappointing” if Warner is not reinstated, but also said that the suspension will be overturned if the NFL does not reach a settlement with Warner’s camp.

We think Warner’s suspension should be overturned.

The Patriots did everything they could to get him suspended and that should be a cause for celebration in New England, Weiser Brods said.

We think Warner deserves a chance to prove himself and that’s what the Patriots should do.

The suspension is just a step too far and I think Warner will prove himself, Weisbrod said.

Weisbrods also discussed how Warner has handled the controversy over his performance-enhancing drug use.

He believes that the Patriots have handled things very well and that the public will get to know Warner better after his suspension is over.

Weisbrd said he believes that Warner will be back in action soon, but that it will take time.

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