The White House is touting its “first-ever” arms deal with Russia, and a senior White House official said Tuesday that President Donald Trump will sign a package of new weapons, including the M-16 assault rifle and M-4 assault rifle, as part of his push to shore up his hand on the world stage.

“The President will sign the Arms Export Control Act of 2017, which will add more than 200,000 jobs, and will give American companies the ability to export American-made equipment to Russia,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

“This historic agreement will strengthen our economy, improve security and make it easier for Americans to go about their lives and work without fear of being targeted by Russian military or intelligence services.”

The Trump administration is also announcing the U.S. will begin a new partnership with the country, which already has more than a dozen foreign military bases in Russia’s far east.

The administration’s new military partnership, announced Tuesday, will be announced later Tuesday.

The new pact will allow the U: • Increase the number of U.N. peacekeeping troops and deploy U.K. troops to Russia; • Launch the first joint military exercises with Russia; and • Support the United Nations’ efforts to counter Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The move is the latest in a series of U-turns and reversals by Trump in his first year in office, as he has repeatedly rejected Russia’s demands for more sanctions and a ceasefire in Ukraine and called for a reset with Russia.

On Wednesday, the president met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the White House Rose Garden and announced the deal.

Trump said the two leaders discussed the U,S.

and NATO alliance.

“We are going to be making great deals with Russia,” Trump said.

“The M-2, the M2A1, the F-35, they’re all going to go down.

And I’m going to make great deals.

But they’re going to all go down with me.”

Sanders said Trump’s comments were not a signal of new U.P. arms deals, saying that the new agreement was “all about ensuring our people have the best equipment, the best weapons to defend the American people.”

“The M4 and M16s, the AR-15s and the M4A1s, they are all going down,” Sanders said.

The deal is the first to be announced by Trump since he made a surprise visit to Moscow last week, a trip he described as a “great honor.”

Trump also met Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, the two Russian officials who negotiated the deal and are scheduled to hold talks in the coming days.

Trump, who has criticized U.s. policy toward Russia, has repeatedly called for greater U.R. sanctions against the country in an effort to stem its nuclear and missile development.

The U.G. has said it will be ready to impose additional sanctions if necessary.

Trump’s new foreign policy agenda has been pushed by his campaign to make the U-S-A, a “new Russia,” and have U. S. allies, including Russia, play a stronger role in the fight against terrorism.

The arms deal is part of a broader effort to shore Trump up at home and to push back against Russia.

Trump is already working with the military to bolster his foreign policy credentials, including his efforts to increase military spending and beef up U.A.E. capability.

He has been working with a team to create a new military headquarters in the State Department to focus on the fight to fight terrorism.

Trump also said Wednesday that he will ask Congress for $1 trillion in funding for U. A.E., as well as $300 billion in additional spending on U.B.

E, which includes the military, to create an armament shield for the U., a major policy goal for Trump and his administration.

Sanders said the administration was still in the process of determining the exact size of the new U-P. agreement.

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