By Ravi Sreenivasan The Times Of India 10 Dec, 2018 05:27:22There is a sense of pride in the magazine covers of books, which is not a bad thing.

This is especially true for authors whose books are being published and widely read.

But when it comes to the magazines that are publishing books and books are the cover story, the magazines are not all that great.

Here is the best of them.1.

Books about life: The Magazines of Life and Love by Anushka Sharma and Veda Bhatia, published by HarperCollins.

(Image credit: Penguin Random House)Read moreA few of the magazines in our list:  The Mags, Diary, New Statesman, The Times of Indian, Nexus, Booklist, A Guide to the Arts, All Things Digital, Fashionista, Cosmopolitan, Manoj, And now, the magazine cover for the best novel, The Mag, written by Anish Kapoor.

The mag has a collection of six books that cover the themes of life.

A collection of books about books is a great way to highlight the work of authors.

There is a lot of books by people who are not great writers but are very good readers.

These books can be great and not be so great.1, The magazine cover of the book The Mag by Anil Kapoor (Image: The TimesOfIndia)2, The cover of The Mag (Image Credit: TheTimesOfIndia / Flickr)3, The best book cover ever by Ani Bhatias (Image courtesy: Aisha Keshavaraj)4, The Cover of the Best Novel by Anash Kapoor and Anil Keshavan (Image Source: first book by Anastasiya Kapoor was published in 1993.

The author of the first book, The Big Bang Theory, is also the creator of The Big Short.

In her first novel, Bhatas book was not very good.

It was not that her work was bad, it was just that her book was published by a publishing house, HarperCollins, in 2003.

This was a very bad book, and there was an uproar.

The book was widely banned.

Bhat as a novelist was a great writer, but she had a bad book.

So, she decided to write her first book under the name Ani Kapoor, under her own name.

The second book, Big Bang, was published two years later.

This book was even better.

An amazing book!

In the third book, which was published four years later, was the book titled The Mag.

The cover was very good, the cover was the best cover ever, and the author of this book, Ani Keshvan, has also written a memoir called The Mag in 2015.

The third book of the collection, the best book ever, was titled The Big Dipper.

This collection is a collection titled The Best Novel in a Book, written in 2000.

The best of the books in this collection, is called the best-seller, The Golden Age.

This book has a lot to recommend it.

The authors work is superb.

The writer of this novel is Anil Kumar Kapoor who wrote in the early 90s.

This novel was so good that many authors wanted to follow him.

In his autobiography, he said, I wanted to write a book called The Big Golden Age because I wanted it to be the best that the world had ever seen.

It is the most famous book in the world, and that’s not something that can be said for any other book.

It has a reputation of being the best, because it is so famous.

This world has a problem.

It cannot even understand the work that Anil and I have written, because of our fame.1In the last book in this series, the author, Anilkinderpal Singh, has written a book titled Mag.

In the book, he talks about his childhood in Uttar Pradesh, his love of literature, his wife, and how he became an author.

In this book there is a big chapter about the importance of education.

In it, he also mentions that he was born in a village and his parents had no access to a library, even though they lived in a big city.

When he was young, he would go to the library, he had to memorise a lot and he had some difficulty with grammar, spelling and punctuation.

This books helped him in his writing, and helped him with his studies.

But it was only the end of his first book that he decided to change the title.

I think it was the title of his next book.

In my book, the title, The Magic of Mag, it said, When the magic is there, you can write any book that you want,

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