A Glock is a type of semi-automatic handgun.

It is similar to a handgun but is shorter and slimmer.

They are not a large caliber pistol.

They can be found in the United States and Europe, but the majority of firearms sold are handguns.

The Glocks are primarily used for hunting and target shooting.

Glocks and rifles are often seen in military training.

The name Glocks comes from the German word for rifle or bolt-action rifle, which means “bolt-action.”

The term “glock” is derived from the Latin word for “long,” or “gauntlet.”

It is a term used to refer to a pistol.

The first pistols were created in Germany during World War II.

In 1946, the National Firearms Association (NFA) began producing Glocks, the first semiautomatic handgun.

The term Glocks originated with the German term for rifle: glöck.

The Glock was the first handgun to be produced in the U.S. in 1962.

The design was designed to take the pressure off the shooter and reduce the amount of time needed to get the gun out of the holster.

It has a large barrel with a short barrel, a folding stock, and a trigger.

The pistol is designed to fire a round that has a high muzzle velocity, with the first two bullets exiting the barrel at nearly twice the rate of the other two bullets.

It also has a built-in pistol safety.

The most popular Glock model is the 9mm pistol.

In addition to being a semi-auto, the Glock 9mm handgun has a very good range of 10 yards or more.

It comes in several different configurations.

The basic model is a 10-round magazine-fed, single-action, semi-automatically operated pistol.

This pistol can be loaded from a belt clip, a belt loop, a detachable box magazine, or a holster.

The standard Glock 9 mm pistol comes in a number of configurations.

This model can be equipped with a scope and sights, and can also have a slide-mounted rail for mounting optics.

The “Gold” model is also a 10mm model.

The 9mm version of the Glock is the most popular and popular with military and law enforcement personnel.

It fires a round at a velocity of about 2,400 fps.

Glock 9 models are popular because they are affordable and easy to carry.

Glock models are also popular because the price is less than the price of a similar handgun in most other countries.

The US military and the police have made the Glock a staple in their arsenal, and it is used by many law enforcement agencies.

In recent years, the US government has begun to adopt other handguns to combat crime.

Some law enforcement departments have also begun using Glock handguns to fight drug trafficking and terrorism.

A Glock model 9mm is sold in many US police departments.

The FBI has also adopted Glock 9 pistols to assist it in its investigations into international terrorism.

There are also Glock 9 model 9 mm pistols available in some states and in some private security companies.

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