It’s hard to imagine the owner of a small-town steakhouse with only one place to sit would have been thrilled to see his restaurant, located on the edge of town, in the midst of an influx of tourists and tourists from out-of-town.

However, that is what is happening to this small steakhouse in the beautiful state of Nevada.

A few weeks ago, the owner, Mark and Janice Risso, received a letter from the state of New Mexico.

In the letter, the Risos said they had to take down their business due to the recent influx of visitors to the small, rural town of Kountze.

It turns out, the couple had to relocate their entire business to the outskirts of town in order to accommodate the influx of new tourists.

The move forced the closure of their only restaurant.

It all started on April 14, when an influx into the town caused an influx in visitors, which led to the closure and relocation of their entire restaurant.

Now, the business is back, but the owners are being fined for their actions.

“The amount of money they’ve received from us is going to the county sheriff,” said Rismo Rissol, owner of the Kountz Steak House.

The Risol family has been working for years to open their own restaurant, and their latest attempt was to have the entire restaurant open for the public.

However, when they got word that a local government had taken away their license to operate, the family decided to fight for their right to remain open and serve the public for free.

“It’s a business, it’s not a religion, we’re a family and we have to be here for the community,” said Mark Rissovas’ wife Janice.

“I’m just trying to be as open as possible, not try to control everything.”

But what about their religious beliefs?

They’re both Roman Catholics, but Janice is not.

“We’re not going to try to convert anybody,” she said.

The family has not seen the backlash that the Riasos’ decision has received, and they’ve remained steadfast in their stance.

“Our main focus right now is to get the state to reconsider their decision, but we’ll see what happens,” said Janice of the state.

“We’re just hoping that they’re listening to what the people of Kuste are saying.”

Kuste, located just outside of Las Vegas, is a town that was once home to many businesses and residents.

Many of those businesses were closed for renovations, and the city of Las Cruces, Nevada, now sits on the border of Nevada and Arizona.

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