I am so glad I finally got a slap mag in my life.

For the first time in my adult life, I got something that didn’t just make me laugh, but also make me smile.

I had to do it because I have a lot of friends who love slap magazines, and they love me back.

I’m a writer who loves to make friends, but my friends are usually in other fields.

My wife and I have been married almost nine years.

We have two kids, and I spend most of my free time writing.

The kids love it, too, especially the little boy who I think is going to be a lawyer someday.

I also love writing about people.

So it was easy to get one in my head.

The slap magazine comes in two flavors: a full-size, plastic, and a microfiber, which I have no interest in.

I got a full size because it’s a great way to get the magazine into my hand and make it comfortable to hold.

But I’m not sure I’d use the microfibers in a pinch.

They’re just too big.

A lot of people think slap magazines are too small to be useful.

And they’re right, in a way.

But a lot people don’t realize that there are plenty of people out there who love them.

For years, I’ve wanted to make them.

And for the past two years, as my wife and kids got older, it was the perfect time to finally get them.

So the next time you’re in a room, hold your phone in front of you and ask someone, “What’s the best way to use my phone?”

Then look up the word slap in your dictionary.

You’ll probably find a reference to it.

It’s one of the first words I learned from the Internet.

But for a lot who use them, slap magazines aren’t just for children.

The word slap is also used to describe something that makes you laugh.

The term was coined in 1968 by writer John Updike, who said that he felt that the slap could be an excellent way to laugh.

Updik is credited with the phrase “snicker, snicker, you don’t know what’s coming next.”

This is a slang term that is commonly used in the United States to describe the feeling of being bored.

For a lot, it can also be a metaphor for a funny idea or a funny scene.

For example, one popular story that uses the slap as a metaphor is the one about a man named Don Draper who lives with his ex-wife, Diane.

They are married for a while and then, when they have kids, they have to move out of the house.

So he decides to buy a new house.

He buys a place in Beverly Hills.

And the first thing he does is slap it on his face, which is called a “slap” or “slam.”

The next thing is to put on a slap mask and slap the roof of the apartment.

The next day, Diane notices that he’s been watching her.

So she goes out into the parking lot and he sees her.

He tries to make her laugh, which makes her smile.

It turns out that she’s not that smart.

He gets his kids to make fun of him, but he can’t get them to do anything.

He’s still making fun of her, and he thinks she’s dumb.

So Diane decides to slap him, too.

And then she takes him to the hospital and says, “Don, you are too smart for your own good.”

The slap makes her laugh even more, because she realizes that he was so smart.

And it’s one reason why she has a crush on Don Draper.

I like the idea of slap magazines.

But if I could slap them, I would do it every day.

They make me feel better.

They give me a chance to feel funny.

The second part of this story originally appeared on the Atlantic magazine.

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