A couple weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize gay marriage, best magazine sales have risen again.

According to Nielsen data, the total number of magazines sold increased by 10 percent in January to about 1,700,000, with about 10 percent of the growth coming from digital sales.

For the past six months, Best had seen its biggest jump, up 10 percent to 1,900,000.

But in the last week, the magazine has seen its sales increase by nearly a quarter to 1.6 million.

Best is the No. 1 magazine for the fifth straight month, according to Nielsen.

The magazine also has been the No, 2-to-5 bestselling magazine for six straight months.

Best sales have been driven by a surge in digital purchases, including e-books, which have risen by more than 40 percent since last summer.

As the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in the U, Best has been selling a mix of books and other content on its website.

“We see an opportunity for digital-only content to drive sales and that is a positive sign for us,” said Mark Sullivan, vice president of publishing and digital sales at Best.

The number of titles on its online site is down about 20 percent from last year, but it’s still the No 1 best-seller, said Sullivan.

The best-selling magazine is not the only retailer to see a strong January.

Walmart, Best Buy and Target all saw solid January sales, and Best has also been a top-selling retailer.

But some other retailers also saw sales increase in January.

Target, which has been on a hiring spree in recent years, saw a 30 percent jump in January sales to $1.2 billion.

That’s down from $1,4 billion in January 2016.

“In many ways, it’s been a strong year for Target,” said David Hodge, chief executive of Hodge & Harlan Worldwide, a consultancy that tracks retail.

“It’s certainly a different kind of year than last year when we had our peak.”

Best Buy, which had struggled with the recession, saw its best January sales since February 2012, when it sold nearly 1 million books.

Best Buy’s best-performing month was March, when sales were up 26 percent.

Hodge said Best Buy has been able to make up for the recession and that sales are up.

“Our stores are open and working with customers,” he said.

“You can’t count on that kind of growth to be sustained.”

Target also had its best month of the year, when its best-sellers list rose 10 percent.

Its sales jumped about 13 percent.

In its most recent quarter, Target saw sales of about $2.2 million, but its top-seller list grew nearly 40 percent.

Target said that was due to the holiday season, and that some stores had been open more than other, like Best Buy.

For more: The Best Business Book, the latest best-and-the-best business titles, the hottest brands and the best stores for all kinds of business Read moreBest Buy also has more than $7 billion in cash on hand.

For comparison, Wal-Mart had about $5 billion on hand last year.

But it also faces some competition in the online space.

Amazon has been expanding into the book business, with more than 100 million books sold in the past year.

Amazon also has an online video platform that has more content than some of the top publishers.

It’s the largest video-on-demand platform in the world.

Target’s online video service, called Vimeo, had more than 20 million subscribers at the end of 2016, according the company.

Hoke said Target is focused on making its online videos more popular, which is why it’s also expanding its video-ad service, where it offers new video content to users.

And it has its own content library that has been downloaded over 15 million times, said Hodge.

For Best, that means it’s focused on building an online library of books that people love to read.

For Hodge and Sullivan, that has meant adding new content to the store.

“I think the big challenge for us is to do the best we can with all of our resources to get it right,” Hodge explained.

Best’s best year has come in the wake of a recession, when most of the economy has been hurting, said John Bocchioli, an economist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Bocshioli said Best’s growth is “not surprising” because “there was a period of slow growth in the industry.”

But the recession did cause some losses.

The stock has recovered, but Bocsheil said it will take time for the stock to recover.

Best does not break out its quarterly revenue numbers, which are generally more stable.

The company does report quarterly sales and profits.

“The real question is, how much will Best

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