More than one-third of men’s magazines, as well as a large number of men-only websites, do not include women on the cover.

The industry’s gender imbalance has been a subject of discussion since the publication of Men’s Health in 2004, with many commentators arguing that male readership was not interested in reading about women’s health issues, and instead preferred a more masculine, competitive, and competitive lifestyle.

While the industry has changed significantly over the years, the focus has remained on the men’s lifestyle and fitness issues, often with the aim of attracting more women into the industry.

While there is a great deal of focus on men’s interests in the male-dominated industries, women still have a disproportionate number of workplace roles.

While many employers do try to encourage female participation in their workforce, the industry’s culture has also been influenced by the sexist stereotypes of men and women.

Women’s representation in the workforce is still very low, with only 16 per cent of all managers in Australia being women.

The National Employment Commission reports that, on average, women earn a median annual salary of $45,000, while men earn a mean annual salary around $52,000.

The NEC also reported that men make up over half of the nation’s high-paid executive positions, with nearly one in five of the highest-paid executives.

In 2016, the NEC reported that women accounted for just under half of all senior executives in Australia.

However, the numbers are still a minority of senior executives.

According to a recent report by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the number of female CEOs in the Australian business sector is now more than 50 per cent.

There have also been some recent trends in the industry, such as women making up more than half of senior managers in the construction industry and women earning a median salary of around $90,000 for those in senior management positions.

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