Today’s edition of “Today” featured two interviews.

In the first, David Gregory, host of “Meet the Press,” was asked about the upcoming “Tax Day,” which will be in January.

The president and his team have called it the “last tax day before Christmas.”

It is the biggest tax holiday of the year.

In fact, it is a tax holiday because it’s a holiday.

It is a celebration of the American people.

And what is a holiday?

The president has said that it is the last time that we will have to go through the holiday season.

He also said that he doesn’t believe in the Christmas tree.

Gregory said that there will be a lot of people in the news who are not going to like the idea of the president taking the holidays off.

The “Today Show” hosts said that they would prefer to have the holiday when we are at the end of the season.

They said that if they are going to be at the beginning of the offseason, they would rather be celebrating the holidays.

They also said it is important to remember that there is a “day” and that it does not have to be a particular day.

In addition, the hosts said they would like to see the president and the Republican Party make some changes in the tax code, such as eliminating the mortgage interest deduction.

In a follow-up interview, host Matt Lauer said that the biggest question that is facing the president right now is what he will do about the debt.

Lauer asked if the president would pay down the debt with the stroke of a pen.

Gregory replied that the president is going to have to make some decisions about the country’s debt over the next few months.

But the president has already said that, in fact, he would pay the debt on a “Day One” of the administration.

And the president’s team said that this was not going out to get rid of the debt, it was just a “time to focus on the economy.”

But the “Today show” host said that many people will feel the need to pay the bill because they are feeling “uncomfortable.”

Gregory said it should be a “fun day” to celebrate the “Day of the Bully.”

“I think that people will want to take advantage of this holiday and enjoy it,” Gregory said.

Gregory also said the “tax day” was a big day for the president.

And in the interview, Gregory said the president was happy with the way things turned out.

The hosts said the presidents plan is to make a speech at noon on Tuesday.

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