Playboy has said it will take the next several weeks to “process” any remaining legal action relating to its sale of Playboy magazines and websites, as it prepares for the end of the publishing world’s biggest online shopping event.

Playboy had hoped to complete the legal process in time for the March 31 end of its US and European sales, but the magazine said it would take a month to “complete” any “pending legal proceedings” related to the sale.

The company said in a statement on Monday it “will continue to work to ensure that Playboy remains an integral part of our lives”.

It said the magazine’s business is “integrated with a wide range of other important businesses” including the arts and education.

The company also said it had received “a tremendous amount of support” from “everyone who has made it a personal priority to support us” and said it is “unquestionably” one of the most successful magazines of its kind.

Its US publisher, HarperCollins, had also expressed confidence that it would be able to continue its operation.

But in a blog post on Monday, publisher HarperCollins said it “did not anticipate that the legal proceedings would continue for some time” and it has now learned that “some legal action has been initiated”.

HarperCollins also said that it was in discussions with the US Attorney’s Office, but would not discuss the matter further at this time.

In a separate statement, the company said that “certain legal proceedings have been initiated by our legal team”.

In a statement, Playboy CEO Richard A. Danneman said that the company “has been very clear that we are committed to continuing to publish and operate Playboy magazines and we will continue to do so as long as we have a future”.

Playgirl has said that while it does not plan to halt its operations, it is looking to reduce costs and is seeking “additional resources” to assist in the process.

“We understand the challenges in continuing to operate, but we cannot, and will not, abandon our mission to continue to publish the Playboy brand,” Mr Dannem said.

“It is important to us that Playboy remain a strong force in the industry, and that we remain focused on the growth of the Playboy Brand and continuing to deliver the best entertainment, content and entertainment experiences for our loyal customers.”

Mr Dannman said Playboy’s legal team has been working “over the past several months” to “provide us with the resources and information necessary to continue our mission of making the world’s most popular magazine and entertainment brand the best it can be”.

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