The day before the Copa del Rey final against Real Madrid, the stadium is packed.

Fans have lined up at the stadium and in the stands for their last home game before the finals, which will take place in October.

The city has never hosted such a big event as this one, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to show up for the game, and it is one that will take a lot out of the city’s infrastructure.

The stadiums have been built in the last two decades to house the stadium, the Bernabeu, the Parc des Princes, the Olympic stadium and the Camp de France.

Now they will be used for the first time.

“The stadium is already packed and it will be even more crowded if we win the Copas del Rey,” says Antonio Calle, the president of the regional football association, the Cope, in Madrid.

“There will be so much noise from the crowd and everyone will try to get in the stadium to see the final.

This will be the most dangerous game of all, and this is where we will have a lot of problems.”

In the city, the problem is even worse.

The crowds at the Paracas de Marbella stadium have reached an all-time high, with almost 6,000 fans making their way into the stadium.

There is no way to stop this and it has already led to some injuries.

According to Calle the crowd is growing in the streets and crowds in the stadiums have grown even more.

“We have seen more than 1,000 people at the Stadium de Barcelona, which is an absolute nightmare for a football fan,” he said.

“We have heard the loudest voices from the streets of the entire city, which has created a climate where there is even more violence.

This is a serious situation.”

It is a situation Calle knows well.

The President of the Cosega de Madrid was a player for Barcelona during the 1990s.

He was one of the first players to go to the Campo de Marbela in 1999, but when he returned in 2002, things did not go as well as he expected.

The crowd had become so loud and violent that he felt the need to take the team off.

“They tried to break us up, but I told them to shut up,” he recalls.

“The first game in Barcelona was a disaster, and we won the game 3-0.

But the second game was so ugly that the players went home and they never came back.”

The crowd continued to grow in the city until 2003, when the president, Sergio García Aznar, had to evacuate the Campos de Marabela stadium.

“I think we are all afraid,” he told the media.

“Now the stadiums are being used for sports events, and the situation is even harsher.

This time it will go even worse because of the large crowds,” said Calle.

The Cope president believes the fans will continue to show their anger even if the Copal de la País Vasco will be played on October 13.

“For years we have seen how the city has grown and how the stadiums were used for concerts and football,” he says.

“It has been a huge problem.

We need to protect the venues, but there is no other way to do it.”

In Madrid, it is not just the fans who have the problem.

The city is also facing a number of health problems.

“It is already one of Madrid’s most dangerous cities,” said Alejandro Baca, the health minister, in a press conference.

“People have been coming in from the rest of Spain and other parts of Europe.

We are talking about tens of thousands.”

According to the Health Department, there are a number problems with the ventilation systems and water supply systems, and there are also problems with air quality, with the maximum level at 40 in the capital.

“This is the worst health crisis Madrid has ever faced,” says Baca.

“What is happening is that the situation here is becoming worse and worse, and that is why the health ministry is going to go in to the stadiums and the hospitals and ask them to reduce the noise.

We want the stadiums to be quieter than normal.”

According with the health department, Madrid has also suffered from a rise in the number of cases of diarrhoea, which affects people who drink a lot.

“Diarrhoea is not a good thing, but the city needs to do something to get rid of this problem,” said Baca before heading to the stadium for the match.

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