By Steve RobertsBBC Sport is looking at how politics is covered in the media.

A new book, Politics: The Art of Making Sense of the Campaigns, is out this month and it offers an insight into how political reporting is presented in print, radio and online.

In politics, you have a team of reporters, journalists, and writers who make sure that the stories you’re hearing are accurate, and they’re careful not to get too personal, or too critical.

Politics, like sports, has an extensive reporting structure, which can take several years to complete.

The key element of the reporting is the journalist.

The journalist will be the one who looks at the story, whether it’s a story about how a politician’s life is going, or a story that is about a politician, and then the journalist looks at that and tries to make sense of the political context.

You have a lot of information coming in, a lot and a lot is coming in.

So you have to look at that information as a whole.

That means that if there’s a big story about an issue, and there’s an argument going on about what the government should do, or how it should go about it, you need a journalist who is a bit more sophisticated in how they interpret the information coming into the story.

That will be a different sort of journalist.

It will be different in the political media, and it will be more nuanced in the journalistic world, but the fact that the journalists have to be more sophisticated will make it easier for them to make a fair and balanced analysis.

This is not just the journalists in print or radio.

You have other people in the newspapers, TV, online, who have to deal with the political environment.

Politicians are very much in the public eye.

The public is often not fully aware of how politicians operate, but they are.

They’re very much the face of a political party.

So it’s essential that journalists have a deep understanding of how politics operates.

This book provides a very detailed analysis of how newsrooms are structured and how that affects the way politicians behave.

What’s important is the way that the journalist makes sense of it.

That is, what information is there to support the story they’re writing.

There are different types of reporters.

The one that you are going to hear about in the book is the fact-checker.

The fact-checking journalist looks and asks, Is this story accurate?

That’s not always what you hear from a journalist, but it’s something you’re going to find is important in understanding the reporting.

The reporter who does this is the person who has the ability to do this.

That’s the person the journalist must know and trust.

If you look at the newsrooms, you can see this type of journalist there.

The other type of reporter is the reporter who focuses on specific points of view, and that’s the reporter that’s going to be reporting the story as the news breaks.

They’re going not to be the first person to see a story and say, What do I do about that?

That may be what they’re going do.

They may be doing the right thing, but there are other people who may be watching.

There’s the journalist who has to understand what’s going on.

The other journalists have an understanding of what is happening, but that is what they have to focus on.

So the journalist has to have an idea of what’s happening in the newsroom.

And the journalist that’s really focusing on the story is the one that is the most critical.

You need a reporter who can see what is going on in the room and be able to assess what the public is looking for.

If the reporter doesn’t have that ability, they’re not going to understand the story that’s coming out of the news room.

The newsroom is the space that is set up for this kind of journalist to have a strong grasp of the story and to assess it, and make a judgment about whether it is correct or not.

If there is an issue in the story where they’re making a judgment, that’s where the journalist should be.

That’s the reason they’re there.

And then you have the journalist, the journalist in the press office.

That journalist is the source of the information.

It’s the news reporter that is going to make that judgment about what to write about.

That person will be an expert on the subject, who is going into the room, and he’s going in there to make sure it’s accurate.

The story that he writes about, he has to be able read the whole story and then make that judgement about whether or not that’s accurate, because he’s not going there to tell people what to do.

The press office is where the news is actually told.

If someone is sitting there who is saying that their friend is doing a nice thing, they have that journalist there to judge whether that’s true or not, and decide whether or the person is telling the truth.They have

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