Recode is covering the world’s hottest tech startups, from the ones to the ones who aren’t.

Read more The company recently published an article on the most disruptive companies in the world investing in AI and artificial intelligence.

Recode talked to two people who have been working on AI for years who are bullish on it, as well as a few other big names.

The tech industry is in a weird space right now.

There’s so much buzz, so much excitement about the possibilities and it seems to be exploding.

But we have a really big question: Is this something we need to be worried about?

The answer is, yeah, we do need to worry about it, said John Hanke, chief technology officer at IBM.

He was speaking at Recode’s Code Conference, in Santa Clara, California.

He’s also a cofounder of the startup group Code for America.

Hanke said that he’s “a big believer in what’s happening right now.”

But, he said, there are a few things you have to understand about it: There are people who believe AI is the next big thing, but they’re wrong.

The biggest mistake people make is saying, well, AI is going to take over the world, but there’s no evidence it’s going to be good for us.

There is plenty of evidence that AI is good for certain tasks, but it’s not good for all tasks.

There are lots of big companies out there that are trying to do things that will make us better at life.

The fact that it’s been a year since Facebook announced that it was buying AI startup DeepMind, and that’s one of the things that worries me a lot is, well that’s not the same as, well maybe we’re just going to go back to being an AI company, and maybe we’ll be a better one.

But, Hanke said, it’s also worth pointing out that the majority of companies that are investing right now are not trying to make AI the dominant technology.

The majority of those companies are trying do things like making it so we can do a lot more stuff.

You can get into the deep end of this discussion with some of these people and ask, where’s the evidence for the things they’re doing?

The short answer is they’re not actually doing the research.

The first companies to start investing in Artificial Intelligence have done it for very specific reasons, Hanek said.

These are the kinds of companies where they know, we’re trying to improve the lives of people.

You have to be careful, though, because the research doesn’t always translate to things like health care.

Hanke and his cofounders at IBM have been trying to get their team of researchers to develop better tools for the human medical system, which is incredibly important to everyone in the US, and to develop ways of getting medical data in real time.

Hanek said that IBM’s research team was trying to figure out how to get better at recognizing human faces.

We were trying to find ways to recognize faces, for example, and we were trying some of the facial recognition tools on a machine learning team.

We also were trying things like face recognition, but we were also trying things to identify other people’s faces.

Those kinds of things are very specific things.

But the biggest problem is that people don’t have a lot of data about their own faces.

So, we just didn’t have any data.

We’re trying now to find out how we can get some of that data into the field, so we could actually see if we can improve the system.IBM was also trying to identify what other AI companies were doing.

Hanek explained that in the early days of AI, IBM didn’t really know what it was going to do.

We just did a lot.

There were a lot, but not enough.

And then we went to a couple of different universities and we found a few companies that were working on some of those kinds of problems.

Those are companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

They were trying out a lot different things.

IBM was just a little bit ahead of the curve in the way we were doing it, Hankel said.

The other big problem is people are trying very hard to make money from it, which makes it very difficult to scale up, Hanere said.

And there’s this fear that AI could be used for bad things.

Hanere, for one, said that the fear is really misplaced.

He said that it will be incredibly valuable in the future, and if the right people can work on it and the right incentives are in place, the world will be much better off.

The most important thing, though?

It’s not about making money, Hanike said.

It’s about creating more jobs.

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