A handful of NFL owners, including the owners of the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons, are pushing for the league to prevent their league partners from speaking with the media, according to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The owners are calling for the NFL to be in charge of a system that would require owners to talk to their partners in a public setting, but it’s unclear what specific rules the league would use to do so.

It’s also unclear whether or not the owners would be allowed to publicly address the issues that they’re pushing for in a closed session.

Goodell and the league are scheduled to meet with the owners for a second meeting this week.

Goodell said on Tuesday that he would not be speaking with media during the meeting, and that he was committed to keeping the owners in the loop.

“If we’re going to have discussions about any of these things, it has to be done in a way that the commissioner has full confidence in,” Goodell said.

“And that means if there’s a conversation going on about the league’s performance, it’s in the best interest of the league and its players.”

Goodell also said that he will not be attending any other league meetings this week unless the owners agree to a new contract that would include some kind of media ban.

The new contract talks will be the subject of a league investigation by the NFL Players Association.

The current contract includes some of the more controversial provisions, including a ban on team owners speaking to the media.

Goodell’s decision to not address the issue during the first meeting is the first public indication that the owners are inching toward the new deal.

The union has said that it will challenge the commissioner’s decision not to speak with the public, and the players union is calling for a review of the current agreement.

“We look forward to having our voices heard during the upcoming negotiations and will continue to work toward ensuring that our voices are heard, that the best interests of our players and fans are served, and we remain committed to our collective efforts to get a fair, fair, and balanced playing field for all of our athletes,” NFL Players’ Association president DeMaurice Smith said in a statement on Tuesday.

Goodell has said previously that he does not want to talk with the players during the negotiations.

He said in January that the union was willing to negotiate a new deal with the league, but not if the owners “do something different than what we want.”

The owners, however, appear to be getting a little bit more aggressive.

The league’s communications director, Brian McCarthy, said on Monday that he hopes the owners will take a more aggressive stance in the negotiations, but that the league will continue its conversation with the unions on the topic.

“The league is committed to finding a way to keep the owners’ dialogue open,” McCarthy said in the statement.

“But we understand that our collective agreement does not allow for this type of discussion to take place.”

The union also announced that it is seeking to hold a conference call with the NFL’s senior vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent, on Tuesday, to discuss the negotiations and the potential for the players to strike.

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