Tiger Beat magazine, an online publication dedicated to the world of competitive high-end racing, has become a reality thanks to a $9,000 contribution from a fan who loves it.

In a series of posts on the Tiger Beat Facebook page, Michael Kuehlberg wrote about the donation, saying that he had been a fan of the magazine since it started as a fanzine in 2003 and that it was something that he wanted to keep supporting.

“I thought that Tiger Beat was a great resource for those who want to know about the sport,” Kuehlerberg wrote.

“When I found out that Tiger beat had reached out to me with an offer to donate, I was excited.

It’s just so nice to see something like this happen.

I thought about donating as soon as possible, and I just kept saying ‘I’ll do it for you.'”

After making the donation and getting an initial response from the publisher, Kuellaer wrote, the publisher reached out again and offered the magazine for a second time in a different year, but this time Kuellberg said the publisher didn’t have the money to make the donation.

“The magazine has reached out and told us they have the funds to make it happen, but we need to figure out how to raise the funds for it,” Kuedhlberg said.

“I thought we could just give them some money and say, ‘We’re not doing this because we have a big hole in our budget and we’re not making any money,'” Kuelberg said, adding that the publisher was able to reach out to him again to find a solution to the issue.

“It took us three or four weeks to reach an agreement, and then a few weeks to get the money in place,” Kueslberg wrote, adding: “We had to get all the money together in one month, and the editor of Tiger Beat asked me to be an editor for the magazine.

We got our first editor last week and she is going to be one of the first editors we work with.

She’s going to help us keep growing the magazine.”

Kuehlburg’s donation has been appreciated by many of TigerBeat’s supporters, who have been following Tiger Beat for many years.

The Tiger Beat fanpage has more than 7,500 likes and 1,700 comments, as of Monday.

Kuellbeers Facebook page also received nearly 1,000 likes on Monday, as well as more than 4,200 comments, many of which praised the magazine’s dedication to racing.

Kuelnberg said he hopes that other people will follow in his footsteps, as Tiger Beat will continue to grow.

“If we’re going to grow and keep growing, we’re doing it for the fans, the readers, and for the magazines that we work for,” Küllberg wrote on his Facebook page.

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