The Economist magazine has said it will launch a subscription-based magazine in the US as part of its subscription business.

The magazine, which is owned by Condé Nast and has been in print since 1984, is due to launch in September.

“As our editorial philosophy is to be relevant and to make people happy, we have always looked at how we can be relevant to the world around us and we are excited about the potential of the US subscription business,” said John Flanagan, managing editor of The Economist.

He said it was a natural extension of the magazine’s core business.

“We believe in our core values of being a magazine that brings people together, an organisation that engages readers and that shares the same values as us,” he said.

The Economist will be available for free on the company’s digital platforms, and subscribers will be able to purchase magazines via a digital subscription.

The online subscription will be for $10 a month, and Flanagan said the magazine would not charge a fee for subscribing to a digital version of its magazines.

The Magazine’s chief executive, James Boulton, said the subscription model was “a way of getting the magazine out there to more people”.

The magazine will be launching a new digital subscription model, which will be launched later this year.

“The magazine is very well-received in the world and we see a lot of demand for it and it is a great opportunity for us to expand its reach and reach more people,” Flanagan told Bloomberg TV.

The US is a world leader in the magazine industry, with more than 70% of the company owned by the US government.

The number of subscribers has grown since 2012, when the magazine began to publish on Amazon.

“With this new business model we are taking a risk and we think it is going to be successful,” Flanagans said.

“People will be looking for the latest, most relevant and best of the best of journalism.”

He said the launch would be a “significant milestone” for The Economist, which has struggled financially under the leadership of former US President Donald Trump.

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