HARRY SMITH: This magazine is the best way to get your thoughts on Harry Styles, because it has been on the top of the charts for more than a year.

There are so many topics, so much content, and you’re getting it on the back of a magazine with Harry Styles.

This magazine, the best, has been in the news a lot for the past year.

I’ve got this Harry Styles collection that I got at a birthday party.

I’m not wearing it every day.

I can’t even wear it when I’m home with my daughter, because she’s five.

The idea of Harry Styles being a pop superstar and getting this magazine is really cool.

I like that it’s going to be out in the summer, and we’re going to have the first edition out in February.

HARRY SCHMIDT: I think it’s great.

HARRIET SMITH (March 2017): The idea is it’s a collection that’s going out at the end of March, but then there’s also a bunch of stuff in it that’s out in January, and the other stuff is coming out in April and May.

And it’s like, “What’s going on?

Where’s all this?”

It’s like a treasure trove of information.

It’s really cool, and it’s really easy to get into and get into a good conversation.

HARSH: I love the fact that this magazine has been doing this for the last two years.

I think you’re going on a really good streak, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing that again.

I mean, it’s not just a Harry Styles issue, it really is a Harry Potter issue.

HARLEY: I really love this idea that people are really going to get together and talk about this, that’s really a good thing.

HARSMITH: I was talking to a lot of people and, you know, they’re saying, “You know what?

Harry Styles is going to come back.

It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

It makes no sense to me anymore.”

They’re like, you can’t make up your mind.

HARREY: Yeah, I think that’s the beauty of it.

It was always like, I know he was in the business and he’s doing a lot more than that, and people were like, oh, this is so awesome, but it’s just not real.

HARH: That’s the big thing.

There’s so many people who just don’t know how to talk about it.

I have a couple of friends who I’ve worked with, and they were like that’s not real, it can’t be real, he’s in a band, or something.

I had a friend that had to go into rehab for the first time.

HARLE: That makes it even more cool.

HARSHA: I know people say that this is the real thing, and I think people should be honest about it, and be honest with themselves about what they think.

HAR: There’s nothing in Harry Styles to do but sing.

HARS: It’s such a joy.

HARTH: He is so happy.

HARWARTH: It is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

I don’t even know how else to describe it.

HARST: There are a couple things that are not in the Harry Styles archive.

HARMIET: I like the fact there’s not a single interview that hasn’t been done with Harry, so he’s not like, like, this guy is just not really going through the process that I go through, and then he’s like all of a sudden you get to go in there and he says, “I was just reading a story about you, and what did you think of it?”

I was like, wow, this book is good.

He’s like okay, I’m reading it.

And then he comes back and he is like, well, that was the only one that got the interview.

I just think that it shows that Harry is not just the one who does this and doesn’t do it.

This is a big thing that he’s going through right now.

I hope that he can get through it.

He is the only person who can do this, and if it happens again, I hope he can come through it, too.

I love his stories.

I get the sense that he really loves this world.

It would be so great to have him as a guest on the show.

HARM: It would absolutely be amazing.

I was thinking about it last night, and he really likes the idea of it, because I was saying, well I love him as an actor, I love that he has this kind of love for this world, and this kind for the music, and for the world.

HARPH: I hope so.

HART: He would be great.

And I think this is why you’re seeing so many things happen now.

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