Mountaineering magazine The Sun has launched its new online magazine The Mountaineers, and will publish a number of new titles and stories each month.

The magazine is aimed at new readers who want to follow their favourite mountain bike riders, as well as experienced riders, and the first issue will be launched in March.

The new content will include exclusive feature stories, exclusive feature photos, interviews and a special issue on the latest news in mountain biking.

The launch is being backed by the Mountaineer Fund, which is supported by the British Cycling Foundation, and The Mountie Club of America.

“The Mountaineered magazine is a unique and valuable brand in the climbing community and we are very excited about its launch,” said Chris Gorman, President of The Mountileer Fund.

“As a charity, we are proud to have been able to fund the launch of the magazine.

We are proud of the work of many Mountaineurial contributors including the editors, photographers, photographers and editors of The Daily Mail and The Sun.”

The Sun is one of the biggest names in mountain bike publishing, and a strong fan of mountain biking, with over 50 publications covering the sport.

“I’m very proud to be part of a brand that is going to bring the sport of mountain bike to a whole new audience,” said Michael Maitland, The Mountainer Fund’s Executive Director.

“We have some of the most respected and experienced editors and photographers in the world and we believe the Mountileers is going do just that.

The Mountillers has a lot of heart and a lot to offer readers, who are looking for a quality sport and an insider’s perspective on what it takes to climb and ride the mountains.”

The first issue of The Sun will be published in March, with other issues to follow. 

The Sun is available to subscribers at:, www:// The Sun can be found on and

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