With Australia’s new gun laws in place, it is a little harder to find a new AR-like magazine.

ArmaLite, a magazine manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, is selling AR-16 magazines for $15.99 on the company’s website.

The magazines come in a range of sizes and come in three different styles.

You can buy a high capacity magazine for $30, which has a capacity of 9 rounds.

A regular AR-17 magazine has a max capacity of 12 rounds, while a 10-round capacity is available for $10.

An AR-1 magazine is the standard size and can have a max of 7 rounds, but it has a 30-round maximum capacity.

It is also worth noting that Australia does not allow magazines with the word “magazine” in the title.

While AR-lites don’t have the trademark, they do have the word Magpul in the name.

I can see how they may be more of a novelty product than a legitimate AR-series magazine.

Read more about AR-type magazine in this articleThe AR-11 magazine, for example, is the AR-style magazine with the AR11 logo on the front of the magazine.

The AR15 magazine is a semi-auto magazine with a capacity for 7 rounds.

It comes with an AR16 pistol grip and a high-capacity magazine that can hold up to 12 rounds.

The Magpuls AR-10 magazine is another semi-automatic magazine with an ar15 logo on it.

The magazine is made by ArmaLites.

The AR10 magazine comes in a variety of calibers and can be bought on the Magpula website.

A range of AR-compatible magazines are available for sale on the AR Magpools website.

Here is an example of what you can buy with an ArmaMagpul magazine.

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