Golf magazine, popular for its weekly magazines, is no longer offering its most popular “Life of the Party” series, The New York Times reports. 

The magazine published a similar article on the website of its sister publication, WDW, this month.

The two magazines are published by the same parent company, which publishes magazines such as Golf Digest and Golf Digest Pro.

The articles have a large readership, but it has been more popular for the magazine to be more of a social platform than the magazine’s own articles.

The “Life” series also has a large, dedicated fan base, with more than 30 million readers.

“It’s really a great place to be, it’s a place that is a safe space for people to hang out and talk about life,” John Cusack, vice president of digital marketing for WDw, told the Times.

“The Life of the Parties” series has a similar tone to other magazines, but the content is different.

The WDWs first installment, “My Life with WDW,” was published in 2013, while the current installment, titled “WDW Secrets,” was released last year.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Sam Luepke, told WDWT that he thought the publication had “a very, very unique relationship with its readers.”

Luehke said the magazine wanted to offer a different experience, and had been working to create a content that is different from what is found in its sister publications.

“I think that’s what the relationship is,” Luekke said.

The publication also has partnerships with brands like The New Balance, the NBA and the NFL.

“They are looking at it as a way to engage more with a wider audience,” Lueske said of the partnership with WDWF.

“We’re really excited to continue the partnership and to bring new content to the platform.”

Lueskke declined to comment on whether or not the partnership would be expanded to include more golf content, or if the magazine will expand its partnership with The New England Patriots.

“In the future, it is up to the publisher,” Luedke said, when asked if the partnership might extend to more than one NFL team.

“As far as a new NFL partnership, that is something we are looking into, and that’s something that we’ll talk about in the future.”

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